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Get Started with Riva On-Premise
How to Get Started with Riva On-Premise
Deploying Riva On-Premise requires planning and following specific step-by-step deployment checklists to ensure that the Riva sync environment is properly configured to meet sync requirements for users. Contents: Before getting...
Common Questions About Riva On-Premise Deployments
Here are some common questions and answers related to deploying a Riva On-Premise server: Question: How long does a typical "Riva deployment" take? Answer: Provided that all preparations have been completed, a Riva On-Premise...
Riva On-Premise Support and Professional Services
Riva On-Premise licences include access to free technical support and software upgrades. This article defines what is included in free technical support and what is included in billable professional services. Free Technical Support,...
Admin Training for Riva On-Premise
Standardized training is normally provided to customer IT staff when a Riva On-Premise server is installed and configured as part of a Get Started Bundle. That training includes an introduction to setup and configuration of the Riva...

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