Riva On-Premise 2.4 (Latest Release Notice)

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Last updated: 07 Nov, 2019

Enjoy the latest releases of Riva On-Premise:

Evaluate Riva On-Premise: Request a 15-day fully enabled trial, and we will send you an email with a link for the download. You can also schedule a Get Started Bundle that provides dedicated technical support to install and configure a Riva On-Premise server.

See Overview of a Riva server deployment.
See How to get started with Riva On-Premise to discover deployment options.

Looking for information on Riva Cloud?

How Riva Syncs Data: If you need additional documentation on how Riva On-Premise syncs CRM and email data:

Licensing and Pricing: The Riva On-Premise server is licensed on a per user, per CRM connection basis for each user whose information will be synchronized. For more information, see Riva On-Premise pricing.

Purchasing the Riva On-Premise server: Contact our sales staff.

Support for the Riva On-Premise server: Riva On-Premise server licenses include software maintenance, support, and full upgrade protection. The support agreement does not include training, configuration, or best practice consulting. For more information, see Riva On-Premise support and professional services.

Article ID: 100
Last updated: 07 Nov, 2019
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